Event Rules, Policies & Syllabus

The United States Dance Championships are conducted under the rules and regulations governing competitions and championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc (NDCA).


Professional Show Dance Rules

A. Dances

In Ballroom Show Dance events the dances must be selected from one up to all of the five regular Ballroom dances, and in the Latin American Show Dance events from one up to all of the five regular Latin-American competition dances. It is the duty of the Adjudicators to assess the Character of each style as part of their assessment. Dancers must perform the same show and choreography throughout the rehearsal and the competition.

B. Time

The time of the show must be up to a maximum of 4 minutes. The time limit must not be exceeded under any circumstances. The time limit is to include walk on and exit from the floor. Exceeding the time limit leads to direct disqualification.

C. Lifts

Three lifts are permitted for the whole performance. These can be performed anywhere in the show.

D. Music

The invitation for a Show Dance Competition must advise the couples of possible sound carriers. The sound carriers for a Show Dance Competition will always be: a. Compact Disc, b. mp3 Player/ iPod/ iPad, c. USB Audio media.

E. The Competition

Conditions including lighting must be the same for all couples throughout the show including entrance and exit. Preceding every Show Dance Competition there must be an official rehearsal, where all the couples have a reasonable time to test their show. To attend the rehearsal is an obligation for all couples and the chairman of adjudicators.

F. Props

No props are permitted during entrance, performance and exit.

G.Order of Dancing

Order of dancing shall be drawn by ballot, at which all the competitors or chosen representatives have a right to be present.

H. Time between Rounds

There is to be a minimum of 30 minutes between each round of a Show Dance.

I. Marking system

The normal system of marking will be applied. (i.e. In the Final the adjudicators will place the couples in order of merit).

J. Chairman of Adjudicators

In all cases the decision of the Chairman of Adjudicators is final.