New All-American Dance Level added to 2004 USDSC

American Ballroom Company
Jun 17, 2004
By popular request, the American Ballroom Company has added an "Open Level" for championship level Pro/Am Students in all styles for the 2004 USDSC, 7-11, September 2004.

"Because many Pro/Am students are far beyond the Gold Level in their dancing, they have requested to have a division higher than Open Gold to compete in the one-dance All American Competition", said John Kimmins, President of American Ballroom Company.

According to the present rules, once a student wins 4 dances in the Open Gold Level, they can no longer enter the All American Single Dance Division and can only dance in the Championship Level. However, many of these students wanted an opportunity to dance in the single dances as a prelude to them competing in the Pro/Am Championship Events.

To this end American Ballroom Company has added a new Level that is now considered Open and will give those students who have won the Open Gold Level and opportunity to continue to enjoy their dancing without being penalized for winning. Any and all championships level Pro/Am Couples are eligible to dance in this level without concern of becoming ineligible if they win.

A new entry form showing the Open Level selection has been added to the entry form available at our website then look under registration for a copy of the entry form.