"All-American" Pro/Am American Rhythm One Dance Competitions
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Int Bronze Age:L-A3
Heat 129   [09/02/2013 20:02]
  1 Vladimir Kosarev [253] with Janice Gonzalez
  2 Slash Sharan [369] with Isabel Collins
  3 Mark Thomas [395] with Lynn Magnesen
  4 Jean Michel Erole [187] with Ingrid Pessa
  5 Alex Zagrean [423] with Theresa Hoenes
  SEMIFINAL Ronald Guillen [217] with Renee Beaman
  SEMIFINAL Caleb Aleman [106] with Mimi Caveney
  SEMIFINAL Mike Baris [121] with Sophia D'Angelo
  SEMIFINAL Michael Neil [297] with Wendy Anderson
  SEMIFINAL Eddie Rivera [339] with Tatyana Miroshnikova
  SEMIFINAL Martin Rivera [341] with Bonnie Hernandez