"All-American" Pro/Am American Smooth One Dance Competitions
Viennese Waltz
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold Star Age:L-B1
Heat 511   [09/04/2013 13:41]
  1 Alain Doucet [177] with Beverly Moore
  2 Peter Perzhu [445] with Lynn Murrell
  3 Radek Wiatrowski [420] with Lisa Lowery
  4 Alex Zagrean [423] with Paige Riffle
  5 Andrei Abrashin [102] with Gracelyn Tuoti
  6 Darius Mosteika [288] with Cecilia Gilchriest
  SEMIFINAL Artem Plakhotnyi [324] with Sue Eldred
  SEMIFINAL Sid Pocius [326] with Anette Desbaillets
  SEMIFINAL Victor Russu [351] with Lisa Rapoport
  SEMIFINAL Sergiy Shapoval [368] with Nancy Rapoport
  SEMIFINAL Sergey Vasilyev [409] with Robin Kencel
  SEMIFINAL Alexander Voskalchuk [416] with Tatiana Ignatieva
  SEMIFINAL Randy Dias [173] with Susan Cassano
  SEMIFINAL Chris Germain [206] with Donna Bade