"All-American" Pro/Am International Ballroom One Dance Competitions
International Quickstep
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold
Heat 934  [09/05/2014 12:10]
  1 Mikhail Avdeev [114] with Michelle Peng (Age: L-A3)
  2 Alain Doucet [169] with Beverly Moore (Age: L-A3)
  3 Denis Kutepov [238] with Julie Zhao (Age: L-A3)
  4 Martin Reinbold [312] with Brynda Insley (Age: L-A3)
  5 Ben Ermis [176] with Pamela Bolling (Age: L-A3)
  6 Ronen Zinshtein [417] with Audrey Paek (Age: L-A3)
  7 Artem Plakhotnyi [304] with Elka Hristova (Age: L-A3)
  8 Anatoli Gorolevici [203] with Vicki Gorder (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Igor Pilipenchuk [300] with Baoline Chen (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Andrea Faraci [181] with Laura White (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Gianpiero Giannico [196] with Bo Chang (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Sergey Kiselev [431] with Lily Chang (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Simeon Stoynov [360] with Susan Sidman (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [366] with Suki Kramer (Age: L-A3)
  SEMIFINAL Kamil Urbaniak [384] with Lengxi Gao (Age: L-A3)