"All-American" Pro/Am International Ballroom One Dance Competitions
International Viennese Waltz
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Full Bronze
Heat 853   [09/05/2014 08:24]
  1 Samuele Pacchini [286] with Gloria Genevieve
  2 Pavel Cherdantsau [142] with Judi Markell
  3 Vladislav Shahov [336] with Christina Tsui
  4 Darius Mosteika [270] with Barbara Selz
  5 Gianni Caliandro [137] with Nickie Marrone Luftig
  6 Enzo Minieri [265] with Maxx Palley
  7 Ruslan Meshkov [261] with Linda Gill
  8 Eric Hudson [214] with Cece Swanson
  SEMIFINAL Pavel Antanovich [109] with Lorna Dingee
  SEMIFINAL Robert Nardozza [273] with Ann Brinkerhoff
  SEMIFINAL Dmytro Naumov [274] with Malinda Overman
  SEMIFINAL Edgar Osorio [285] with Janet Carrus
  SEMIFINAL Andre Paramonov [292] with Nancy Politzer
  SEMIFINAL Justin Penney [297] with Linda Camm
  SEMIFINAL Forrest Vance [388] with Sharree Hannah