"All-American" Pro/Am International Ballroom One Dance Competitions
International Viennese Waltz
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Int Bronze Age:L-B1
Heat 766   [09/06/2013 08:07]
  1 Yuriy Kravets [260] with Valerie Arias
  2 Mikolay Czarnecki [158] with Charlene Proctor
  3 Enzo Minieri [285] with Maxx Palley
  4 Ruslan Meshkov [280] with Linda Gill
  5 Jim Desmond [167] with Agnes Beane
  6 Tibor Kerekes [242] with Kush Smith
  SEMIFINAL Dariusz Horvath-Krol [225] with Deb Meijer
  SEMIFINAL Pavel Antanovich [110] with Lorna Dingee
  SEMIFINAL Nazar Batih [124] with Sue Panahi
  SEMIFINAL Martin Rivera [341] with Bonnie Hernandez
  SEMIFINAL Eric Dehant [442] with Elaine Madonna