"All-American" Pro/Am International Ballroom One Dance Competitions
International Viennese Waltz
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold Star Age:L-A3
Heat 876   [09/06/2013 12:44]
  1 Edgar Gasjuns [200] with Julie Zhao
  2 Ronen Zinshtein [431] with Audrey Paek
  3 Victor Veyrasset [413] with Alexandra Michel
  4 Alexander Fedorov [190] with Irina Grishchenko
  5 Sergey Kiselev [247] with Lily Chang
  6 Mikhail Avdeev [116] with Michelle Peng
  SEMIFINAL Ben Ermis [186] with Pamela Bolling
  SEMIFINAL Billy King [245] with Kim Hardin
  SEMIFINAL Erik Pali [307] with Annie Woon
  SEMIFINAL Artem Plakhotnyi [324] with Elka Hristova
  SEMIFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [388] with Suki Kramer
  SEMIFINAL Kamil Urbaniak [405] with Lin Meng
  SEMIFINAL Peter Perzhu [445] with Lynn Murrell