"All-American" Pro/Am International Latin One Dance Competitions
International Cha Cha
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Full Silver Age:L-B1
Heat 634   [09/05/2013 11:02]
  1 Jakub Zeglen [429] with Agnes Mah
  2 Slava Gorbunov [211] with Deborah Leibow
  3 Tibor Kerekes [242] with Kush Smith
  4 Hayk Balasanyan [119] with Lucy Pagan
  5 Alain Doucet [177] with Rosann Bonotto
  6 Plamen Danailov [160] with Elizabeth Apesos
  SEMIFINAL Sergey Barsukov [122] with Sharon Sanchez
  SEMIFINAL Pavel Cherdantsau [150] with Mary Thomas
  SEMIFINAL Michael Neil [297] with Janet Bruttell
  SEMIFINAL Aaron Ordaz [433] with Elisia Getts
  SEMIFINAL Eric Dehant [442] with Elaine Madonna