"All-American" Pro/Am International Latin One Dance Competitions
International Cha Cha
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Int Silver Age:L-A1
Heat 614   [09/05/2013 10:22]
  1 Dimitrios Damalas [159] with Maria Seragou
  2 Kosta Trifunovic [401] with Briana Cabral
  3 Sergiy Shapoval [368] with Danielle King
  4 Gene Bersten [135] with Jacqueline Simone
  5 Andre Strinadko [385] with Natasha Mehta
  SEMIFINAL Dustin Donelan [176] with Tiffany Sullivan
  SEMIFINAL Joao Tiago Fernandes [191] with Eleanora Tron
  SEMIFINAL Erwin Rybczynski [352] with Anna Strojek
  SEMIFINAL Alex Samuscvich [354] with Patricia Mui