"All-American" Pro/Am International Latin One Dance Competitions
International Cha Cha
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold
Heat 748  [09/04/2014 14:29]
  1 Oleksii Lytvyn [249] with Tammy Knight (Age: L-B1)
  2 Andrei Gavriline [191] with Lorraine Peoples (Age: L-B1)
  3 Genya Bartashevich [121] with Sharon Iannacone (Age: L-B1)
  4 Bas van dee Zanden [387] with Anna Chiu (Age: L-B1)
  5 Plamen Danailov [153] with Nora Fox (Age: L-B1)
  6 Christian Baerens [115] with Marie Normil (Age: L-B1)
  7 Paul Richardson [315] with Mona Pei (Age: L-B1)
  8 Igor Pilipenchuk [300] with Gisele Smith (Age: L-B1)
  SEMIFINAL Igor Derimov [157] with Alice Lekht (Age: L-B1)
  SEMIFINAL Lyubomir Asenov [112] with Lisa Rapoport (Age: L-B1)
  SEMIFINAL Cristiano Callegari [138] with Agnes Brzeski (Age: L-B1)
  SEMIFINAL Yusimi Cruz [148] with Radhika Unnithan (Age: L-B1)