U.S. National Pro/Am Scholarship Championships
U.S. National Pro/Am American Rhythm 5 Dance Scholarship (C/R/SW/B/M)
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold
Heat 326  [09/02/2014 14:21]
  1 Eddie Rivera [317] with Kia Malone (Age: L-A2)
  2 Jose DeCamps [156] with Lana Lusher (Age: L-A2)
  3 Gleb Makarov [250] with Susan Sidman (Age: L-A2)
  4 Mikhail Vlasov [398] with Julie Korsog (Age: L-A2)
  5 Edwin Torres [377] with Elena Cormio (Age: L-A2)
  6 Steve Vasco [391] with Cindy Wang (Age: L-A2)
  SEMIFINAL Ilya Velednitsky [396] with Mari Edstrom (Age: L-A2)
  SEMIFINAL Aaron DeSoto [158] with Andrea Gregory (Age: L-A2)
  SEMIFINAL Dimitri Dolgopolov [164] with Christa Mason (Age: L-A2)
  SEMIFINAL Eugene Graev [205] with Kelli Moll (Age: L-A2)
  SEMIFINAL Golden Parker [434] with Eileen Arcilla (Age: L-A2)