U.S. National Pro/Am Scholarship Championships
U.S. National Pro/Am American Smooth 4 Dance Scholarship (W/T/FT/VW)
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Silver
Heat 563   [09/03/2014 14:04]
  1 Evgeny Malko [253] with Michiko Cantor
  2 Gunnar Sverrisson [366] with Nancy Balin
  3 Sergey Vasilyev [394] with Annette Van Ommeren
  4 Nazar Norov [281] with Dianne Caracciolo
  5 Victor Russu [322] with Evie Shvetz
  6 Ian Folker [184] with Robie Grana
  QUARTERFINAL Chris Germain [195] with Donna Bade
  QUARTERFINAL Mayo Alanen [104] with Kathleen Speh
  QUARTERFINAL Caleb Aleman [105] with Lynn Magnesen
  QUARTERFINAL Stefan Dobrev [163] with Toni Tallerino
  QUARTERFINAL Rex Jones [221] with Svetlana Galperina
  QUARTERFINAL Tomas Mielnicki [263] with Donna Nolan
  QUARTERFINAL Isidro Errequin [178] with Valerie Alston
  QUARTERFINAL Slava Stefanov [358] with Diana Dean
  QUARTERFINAL Andriy Velychko [397] with Elaine Tuomanen
  QUARTERFINAL Aleksandar Vukosavljevic [401] with Lois Fein
  QUARTERFINAL Fonzie Zapata [411] with Heather Petros
  QUARTERFINAL Mikhail Zharinov [416] with Heidi Steiger
  ROUND 1 Vartan Zakhariants [429] with Janet Ward
  ROUND 1 Aaron Talbert [368] with Edith Springer
  ROUND 1 Peter Perzhu [298] with Audria Hill-Mitchell
  ROUND 1 Andrew Pueschel [310] with Peggy McLean
  ROUND 1 Jose Melendez [260] with Susan Lunson
  ROUND 1 A.J. Molter [267] with Nidia Chediak
  ROUND 1 Luis Lopez [246] with Ana Capo
  ROUND 1 Donovan Dominguez [166] with Carolyn Kurzeja
  ROUND 1 Jean-Paul Gronek [206] with Jan Blakeslee
  ROUND 1 Rauno Ilo [216] with Stella Wilson
  SEMIFINAL Sergey Barsukov [120] with Debra Sutton
  SEMIFINAL Andreas Luetzner [248] with Lydia Raurell
  SEMIFINAL Vladimir Kosarev [231] with Janice Gonzalez
  SEMIFINAL Robert Nardozza [273] with Carla Murphy
  SEMIFINAL Michael Neil [277] with Wendy Anderson
  SEMIFINAL Yuriy Simakov [343] with Jennifer Fortney