U.S. National Pro/Am Scholarship Championships
U.S. National Pro/Am American Smooth 4 Dance Scholarship (W/T/FT/VW)
Dance Level:
Level:Closed Silver Age:L-B
Heat 514   [09/04/2013 14:22]
  1 Mazen Hamza [221] with Marcy Garson
  2 Mikolay Czarnecki [158] with Charlene Proctor
  3 Troy Baeten [118] with Hope Huber
  4 Sergey Barsukov [122] with Sharon Sanchez
  5 Slava Stefanov [383] with Susan Haynes
  6 Clive Phillips [318] with Janice Stanton
  7 Nickolai Scherban [360] with Ann Sossamon
  QUARTERFINAL Andriy Velychko [412] with Elaine Tuomanen
  QUARTERFINAL Mikhail Zharinov [430] with Heidi Steiger
  QUARTERFINAL Alan Williams [438] with Kathy Stetler
  QUARTERFINAL Paul Botes [138] with Barbara Pease
  QUARTERFINAL Mayo Alanen [105] with Kathleen Speh
  QUARTERFINAL Caleb Aleman [106] with Lynn Magnesen
  QUARTERFINAL Eddie Rivera [339] with Linda Jones
  QUARTERFINAL Justin Guilmette [218] with Vicki Mackarvich
  QUARTERFINAL Dave Hannigan [222] with Edith Springer
  QUARTERFINAL Rauno Ilo [227] with Stella Wilson
  QUARTERFINAL Robert Nardozza [293] with Elizabeth Cramer
  QUARTERFINAL Michael Neil [297] with Janet Bruttell
  SEMIFINAL Jim Desmond [167] with Agnes Beane
  SEMIFINAL Stefan Dobrev [175] with Toni Tallerino
  SEMIFINAL Chris Germain [206] with Roberta Fox
  SEMIFINAL Peter Perzhu [445] with Audria Hill-Mitchell
  SEMIFINAL Tony Scheppler [359] with Jane Dippong
  SEMIFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [388] with Nancy Balin
  SEMIFINAL Vladimir Triaszin [400] with Sima Chervin