U.S. National Pro/Am Scholarship Championships
U.S. National Pro/Am American Smooth 4 Dance Scholarship (W/T/FT/VW)
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold
Heat 566  [09/03/2014 15:45]
  1 Max Sinitsa [346] with Melonie Krumer (Age: L-A1)
  2 Kris Suakjian [364] with Christina Diaz (Age: L-A1)
  3 Nikolay Karchev [224] with Julia Vaysfeld (Age: L-A1)
  4 Ben Ermis [176] with Pamela Bolling (Age: L-A1)
  5 Nick Cheremukhin [143] with Irene Lee (Age: L-A1)
  6 Leonid Burlo [135] with Liora Paniz (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Randy Dias [161] with Melissa DiPietro (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Adrian Dydynski [172] with Ran Wei (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Mitchel Kibel [228] with Emma Rosenblum (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Sergey Smolin [349] with Megan Strong (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Marko Urosevic [385] with Samantha Gillis (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Ilya Velednitsky [396] with Rachel Sayotovich (Age: L-A1)
  SEMIFINAL Jonathan Atkinson [420] with Kelly Morikawa (Age: L-A1)