U.S. National Pro/Am Scholarship Championships
U.S. National Pro/Am American Smooth 4 Dance Scholarship (W/T/FT/VW)
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold Age:L-A2
Heat 519   [09/04/2013 16:13]
  1 Billy King [245] with Kim Hardin
  2 Gleb Makarov [432] with Susan Sidman
  3 Max Sinitsa [375] with Sirinda Sincharoen
  4 Eric Hudson [226] with Aiyesha Dey
  5 Mayo Alanen [105] with Melissa Rodriguez
  6 Peter Perzhu [445] with Christina Donelson
  QUARTERFINAL Radek Wiatrowski [420] with Jeannie Van Wert
  QUARTERFINAL Spas Paskalev [313] with Lisa Morgan
  QUARTERFINAL Stefan Dobrev [175] with Randi Zedeck
  QUARTERFINAL Rauno Ilo [227] with Lisa Casimer
  QUARTERFINAL Chris Germain [206] with Tina Arder
  QUARTERFINAL Evgeny Graev [214] with Kelli Moll
  SEMIFINAL Val Grebenin [216] with Andrea Flink
  SEMIFINAL Evgeny Dyachenko [180] with Donna Sparano
  SEMIFINAL Plamen Danailov [160] with Lisa Juliano
  SEMIFINAL Tony Scheppler [359] with Catherine McCausland
  SEMIFINAL Radomir Pashev [312] with Vivian Kim