U.S. Open Pro/Am American Style 9 Dance Individual dances
Pro/Am 9-dance Swing
Dance Level:
Level:Open Gold Age:L-A
Heat 347C   [01/01/1900 00:00]
  1 Chris Germain [206] with Brianna Yadgir
  2 John King [246] with Maria Papakonstantinou
  3 Nikolay Karchev [238] with Julia Vaysfeld
  4 Eric Hudson [226] with Aiyesha Dey
  6 Gleb Makarov [432] with Susan Sidman
  SEMIFINAL Evgeny Graev [214] with Kelli Moll
  SEMIFINAL Aaron DeSoto [168] with Tina Arder
  SEMIFINAL Jesse DeSoto [169] with Ran Wei
  SEMIFINAL Evgeny Dyachenko [180] with Donna Sparano
  SEMIFINAL Volvick Edouard [184] with Nathalie Vuong